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Fully 3D printable Spool Holder with four 3D printed Planetary Gear Bearings

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Fully 3D printable four bearings Spool Holder for 3D printer enclosure. This spool holder is optimized for easy spool change (no screwing / unscrewing needed).

3D printed spool holder with four 3D printed planetary gear bearings

First things first

Download the Spool Holder from Thingiverse:

How to print:

All parts can be printed without support, brim or raft.

Print with 0.4mm nozzle.

  • 1x Base - print with 0.3 layer height and 10% to 20% infill

  • 2x Shafts - print with 0.3 layer height and 10% to 20% infill

  • 4x Guide Wheels - print with 0.2 or 0.3 layer height and 10% to 20% infill

  • 4x Gear Bearings - print with 0.2 layer height and 0% infill

I created two version of the bearings. One version with 0.3mm clearance and one with 0.5mm clearance.

Use the 0.5mm version only if your printer can't handle the 0.3mm version.



With a spool on it:

How to assemble

The spool Holder in Action

Why I created this Spool Holder?

This is my old model fully 3D printable spool holder:

Find on Thingiverse:

This spool holder works really great but has one problem. Spool changing requires multiple actions:

  • unlock the bearings

  • unscrew the nuts

  • get the spool out

  • put the new spool in

  • screw the nut

  • lock the bearings again

To simplify this process I decided to make a new spool where you can put the spool on it with one simple move.

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